Whitten Laser Eye

Our Advantages

Experience Matters!
Dr. Whitten has over 30 years of experience in ophthalmology and is only one of three laser eye surgeons to have performed over 120,000 laser vision correction procedures.

A Vision Pioneer
Dr. Whitten was one of the first surgeons in the country to perform the groundbreaking LASIK procedure, after an extensive career performing cataract surgery and general ophthalmology.

People Who Could Choose Anyone Choose Dr. Whitten
Your eyes are in good hands with Dr. Whitten! Sports figures, celebrities and government officials have all chosen him as their eye surgeon. In fact, he has performed laser eye surgery, including LASIK, on:

6 golf Masters Champions, including Tiger Woods
Hundreds of golf professionals, such as Maryland native Fred Funk
Sports champions such as Dorothy Hamil, Olympic Figure Skater; Bill Cowher, NFL Coach; Eliseo Salazar, Race Car Driver
Numerous government officials, foreign dignitaries and celebrities
State-Of-The-Art Laser Vision Correction Center
Dr. Whitten has all of the latest technology, often before anyone else in the area. This means the best possible vision outcomes for you. Dr. Whitten prides himself on staying current with LASIK equipment and maintains the highest clinical standards of excellence.

The Whitten Laser Eye Center location is convenient and easy to reach for all areas of D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Located only 30 minutes south of the beltway, our Southern Maryland Center, in Charlotte Hall, sees patients for LASIK, Cataract and Implantable Contact Lens surgery, as well as General Ophthalmology consultations.  No traffic, free parking, beautiful scenery and great value make seeing a world-class vision correction surgeon like Dr. Whitten an easy choice.

High Quality Surgical Team
The Whitten Laser Eye surgical team brings you the best possible patient experience, before, during, and after your laser eye procedure. The staff at each location bring many years of combined experience in eye care and are always on the leading edge of laser eye technology. Happy patients are the goal every day!

We are also proud to be associated in Southern Maryland with St. Mary’s Hospital and MedStar Health, both symbols of high quality.


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