Cleveland Eye Clinic

The Cleveland Eye Clinic is a full service state of the art ophthalmic practice which has served the Cleveland Area since 1943. Our Doctors are leaders in eye care education. They are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of eye care technology. They are active leaders in a number of professional organizations and lecture internationally. Cleveland Eye Clinic specializes in the latest eye care technology and treatment for many eye conditions, such as:
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General Eye Care
Cataract Surgery
Premium Lens Implants
Refractive Lens Exchange
Diabetic Eye Care
Macular Degeneration
Keratoconus Treatment
Refractive Surgery
Cleveland Eye Clinic is committed to the well being of the greater northeast Ohio community. This commitment has resulted in the Cleveland Eye Clinic receiving both the Excellence in Education and Good Neighbor Awards from the Better Business Bureau.
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Image Clinic Name Date Reviews Rating
Daniel Pierre MD Cleveland Eye Clinic Daniel Pierre MD April 11th, 2013 2
Jeffery Genos OD Cleveland Eye Clinic Jeffery Genos OD April 11th, 2013 0
Jennifer Killian OD Cleveland Eye Clinic Jennifer Killian OD April 11th, 2013 1
Jerome P Schartman MD Cleveland Eye Clinic Jerome P Schartman MD April 11th, 2013 1
Ryan O McKinnis OD Cleveland Eye Clinic Ryan O McKinnis OD April 11th, 2013 2
Shamik Bafna MD Cleveland Eye Clinic Shamik Bafna MD April 11th, 2013 4
Thomas M Chester OD FAAO Cleveland Eye Clinic Thomas M Chester OD FAAO April 11th, 2013 10
Troy D Bornhorst OD MS Cleveland Eye Clinic Troy D Bornhorst OD MS April 11th, 2013 6
William F Wiley MD Cleveland Eye Clinic William F Wiley MD April 11th, 2013 4