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When you’re looking for a highly skilled New York or New Jersey LASIK surgeon, consider Dr. Ilan Cohen of 5th Avenue Eye Center. Our doctors, patients and colleagues agree that we provide the most accurate, safest, and reliable solutions for laser vision correction in the greater Tri-State area and the nation.

Don’t do yourself a disservice by going to a center that only offers LASIK. Instead, do the proper research and select a top-tier cornea and refractive surgeon whose state-of-the-art technology, skills, and five-star patient care enable him to provide the safest and sharpest visual results for your unique eyes. Consider the following factors that distinguish us from others in our field.


The best surgical skills will provide the best results. Period.

Experts’ Expert: Dr. Ilan Cohen is fellowship trained in cornea and cataract surgery, making him the first choice of other eye doctors in the greater New York area. His vast experience and innovative spirit has brought him nationwide recognition as a premier New York and New Jersey LASIK surgeon and cataract surgeon. Due to his expertise, Dr. Cohen is frequently called upon to handle the complications of fellow eye surgeons and teaches other surgeons through his position with the Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. By dedicating his energy and focus to a specialty in laser vision correction, Dr. Cohen has learned to do it exceptionally well!

How can you know for sure if you’re getting the most skilled New York or New Jersey LASIK surgeon? An ophthalmologist may claim to be a “cornea”, “refractive” or “LASIK” specialist, even though he or she has had no formal cornea fellowship training whatsoever. Ask this question: “Do you perform corneal transplant procedures?” Cornea transplants define cornea specialists. If the answer is “No”, then the ophthalmologist is definitely NOT a cornea specialist. A genuine cornea specialist may charge a little more for your surgery, but your visual results will be much better and the chances of LASIK complications will be lower. You can watch Dr. Cohen performing cornea transplant surgery here.


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Safety: Dr. Cohen has the ability to tailor a vision correction treatment to your eyes in order to minimize risk and maximize visual outcome. Unlike some other “high volume” New York and New Jersey LASIK surgeons, Dr. Cohen will only treat you if he believes he can obtain an excellent result. He uses a wide array of advanced laser modalities to achieve the best outcome; however, for those who are not safe candidates for laser procedures, he can offer other non-laser options. Choosing safety first is his guiding principle in recommending an appropriate procedure for you.

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Cutting-Edge Technology: Dr. Ilan Cohen believes that his patients deserve the latest and most high-tech corrective options. Most surgeons use only one type of excimer laser, and its technology may be more than 15 years old. Dr. Cohen offers the most accurate premium laser system available today – the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q. The WaveLight Allegretto is designed to preserve your cornea’s aspheric shape in a way that older lasers cannot, and Dr. Cohen uses it in more than 90% of his cases. But no single laser system can give optimal results to every patient. Because of Dr. Cohen’s access to several different laser systems, he can tailor your treatment for the best possible outcome. He offers the latest “bladeless”, “wavefront”, “customvue” and “all-laser” procedures and will help you determine which one will best meet your individual visual needs. No one has technology that surpasses the 5th Avenue Eye Center.


Advanced Technology

Innovation: Dr. Cohen was featured in the news for being the first surgeon to implant an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) in the Tri-State area. Since then, he has continued to be at the forefront of this exciting technology and remains the most experienced ICL surgeon in the area. An added benefit is that Dr. Cohen’s association with one of the premier surgical centers in the country gives him the ability to perform ICL surgery on both eyes in the same day to speed recovery time. Many other surgeons are faced with logistical limitations which do not permit them to perform surgery on both eyes in the same day.


Dr. Ilan Cohen in the News

Five-Star Patient Care: More important than technology alone are the skill and experience of the surgeon and his or her ability to respond to your needs and concerns. It’s the combination of all of these that produces high success rates and low percentages of complication, and, in most cases, provides you with better vision than can be obtained with glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Cohen’s commitment to providing the highest quality vision correction along with unsurpassed patient care is what differentiates him from other surgeons. In fact, patients have traveled from as far as Europe, the Middle East and South America to seek Dr. Cohen’s surgical skills and expert advice.


Whether you are looking for a top-rated New York or New Jersey LASIK surgeon, cataract surgeon, or one who specializes in other laser vision correction procedures, such as PRK, LASEK or Visian ICL, we thank you for considering 5th Avenue Eye Center. Get in touch with us today to get started!

We will work with you to find a financial solution that best meets your needs. Our surgical coordinator will help you navigate low interest payment plan options, health insurance discounts and promotional pricing. We can even help you use your flexible spending plan to pay for your procedure. Over time, you will spend less on laser vision correction than on wearing glasses or contacts.

We always welcome your calls at (212) 764-2020 or (866) 731-3937!


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